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  • +Are utilities included in my rent?

    While there are exceptions, utilities are typically not included in the monthly rent and are the responsibility of the tenant.

    DTE Energy
    Consumers Energy
    Grand Rapids Water Dept.
    Wyoming Water Dept.
    AT&T U-verse
    Grand Rapids Refuse

  • +Can I have a pet?

    Most of our properties are pet-friendly; however, an additional non-refundable pet fee may be required.

  • +When will this house be available?

    Before you select your desired home, know when you are looking to move and be sure to look at the availability date of your desired property/unit on our website! Each property has a published availability date representing when that property/unit will be ready for occupancy. We often market our properties well in advance due to the demand associated with them and encourage you to search and make your selection as early as possible to ensure you get your preferred one!

  • +I found the property I want – How do I reserve it?

    So you found the home of your dreams, now what?  The first step in reserving your dream home is placing an earnest deposit down on the home at our office and each applicant completing an online application on our website. The required earnest deposit amount is typically equal to one month’s rent. Many of our homes are in high demand, and are currently occupied.  We will always give the current tenants of the home one full week to decide if they wish to renew their lease from the time we receive the initial deposit from a future applicant (You). (Because of this, we highly recommend that you select a 1st and 2nd alternate choice as many of our properties are very similar in price/location/condition/amenities.) If the current tenants elect to renew their lease, we can transfer your deposit to an alternate property of your choice or refund the deposit. If the property is vacant and there are not current tenants, or the current tenants do not wish renew, then we will notify you within 48 hours of our decision to approve or deny your application.

  • +What if I have a repair or maintenance problem?

    If something is not working correctly in your unit, letting us know is simple!  You can go online to your Tenant Portal where you are able to submit and track your maintenance request.  If you are not by your computer or would prefer to call, you may call our office at 616.913.9004 and we will send someone out as soon as we are able.  If it is an emergency, don’t worry, we have a 24 hour maintenance emergency option in our “after hour” office phone greeting.

  • +Be a good neighbor

    We encourage each of our tenants to become an active and involved “doer of good” in their community. Even if getting involved is not your thing, always remember to be a “Friendly Neighbor”. If you are responsible for lawn care, be sure to keep your lawn and landscaping manicured and maintained. If you are responsible for snow removal, be sure to keep your sidewalks and walk ways clear of snow during the winter. Safe and beautiful neighborhoods depend on each and every one of us. If you or your guests are utilizing on-street parking, make sure to be courteous and respectful of your neighbors.  Remember, you all have to share the street. Also, keep in mind that everyone has different work and social schedules. Keep them in mind when making any noise.  Being a “Friendly Neighbor” is something we can all do to make our communities a better place to be!