“I have been with American Realty for several years and have had nothing but wonderful interactions with them. The maintenance staff is friendly and timely. The office staff has been more than helpful with any questions or concerns I may have. Our home is amazing. We were the first to move in after the remodel, and were able to watch the transformation from the dump it originally was, to a beautiful historical home. I would rent from American Realty again, and would encourage anyone else to do so as well.”

– Sandra M

“I rented from American Realty for the school year of 2013-2014. The house is beautifully remodeled inside, but still has character from the original house. Rent is very reasonable and they worked with each tenant for our payments. We had a bit of trouble getting maintenance to come out quickly, but after they did, our problems were fixed.”

– Megan L

“I enjoy our beautifully remodeled rental house. Property management, when not plagued with wintertime old home issues, get right to repairing problems satisfactorily.”

– Elliot P